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Instructions for Caries Control

  • Brush with fluoridated toothpaste a minimum of twice daily.
  • Rinse with 0.05% sodium fluoride m/w after meals if possible.
  • Place Fluoride gel or GC moouse  (do not use if have protein milk allergies) at night time in bleaching trays for 5 minutes after brushing. Expectorate( spit out ) the residue. Do not rinse mouth, drink eat for over 30 minutes after use.
  • Rinse with 10 ml of a 0.12% rinse for 1 minute at night at least 1 hour after brushing with fluoridated toothpaste and after removing any prosthesis. Do this for 1 week every month.
  • Chew xylitol-containing gum twice daily for 15 minutes with a total xylitol dose of 7 to 10 g per day.
  • I will apply fluoride varnish 2-3 times a year on exposed root surfaces.